are YOU woman that HAS been searching for a solution to the biggest issues you have when it comes to getting into great shape and feeling proud of the skin you are in….? 
are YOU woman that HAS been searching for a solution to the biggest issues you have when it comes to getting into great shape and feeling proud of the skin you are in….? 
If so...We Are So Excited To Be Bringing Our Incredible Transformation Program All The Way From Australia To Tempe, Arizona To Give More Women The Opportunity To Feel The Way We Know You Deserve To!
If so...We Are So Excited To Be Bringing Our Incredible Transformation Program All The Way From Australia To Tempe, Arizona To Give More Women The Opportunity To Feel The Way We Know You Deserve To!
To Make Sure You're A Good Fit For Our Program
We have a few questions for you…
  • Have you been searching for a better way to lose weight that is actually enjoyable?  
  • Are you sick and tired with the way you feel about your body and how uncomfortable it makes you?
  • Do you feel like you are on a roller coaster with your weight loss journey, some weeks you are doing great and others seem to take you right back to rock bottom?
  • Have you started many different training and nutrition programs to only end up giving up or feeling disheartened and quitting?
  • Do you hate big box gyms that treat you like you are just another number?
  • Do you feel like no matter what you try and do… Nothing seems to be working or getting you the results you really want despite how hard or how long you have been working towards them?
If you said yes to any of the above questions then I know I am talking to a woman we really want to help and I would love to know…

28 Day Challenge!!

"I can't believe how much my body, energy, mental clarity and moods have changed in just 28 short days!  I'm ready to go again!"


"After having 3 kids, to say I let myself go is an understatement.....I'd tried everything but have never felt better!"
Our 28-Day Buddy Challenge Has Been Developed Over The 
Last 10 Years...
To deliver you the very best results in the shortest amount of time… Not only that but you are incentivised to do it with a buddy, 
So you and the people you care about most can dive into this journey together to achieve some incredible transformations.

Now that I know you are the type of woman that is ready to start feeling Strong N Sexy… Keep scrolling to have a look at what you get in our 28-day buddy challenge that kicks off on Saturday July the 8th .
Let’s have a look at what you get in our 28-Day Buddy Challenge 
Which kicks off on Saturday July the 8th .
  • Six 1 hour sessions each week for the entire 4 weeks these sessions have been designed do get your fat burning machine turned on and fired up!
  • A complete done for you yummy food plan to follow, including a grocery list to get you set up well from the beginning
  • An exclusive challenge only FB group created to give you the level of support you need… To keep you on track every day of the challenge and to provide you with daily tips, insights and methods to get you even better results.
  • Two at home programs for you to follow along with - so that when you can’t make it into the studio… or when you feel like going the extra mile you can get them done in your own time
  • Daily habit check ins with our client app to keep you focused and moving a step closer towards you goals every single day
  • A weekly challenge workout dedicated to strip even more unwanted fat away while putting a massive smile on your face
  • A full 3D body composition analysis at the beginning and end of the 28 days… To show you exactly where your body is now, what health risks you might be facing and how you have been able to transform your body and health by the end of the 28 days
TOTAL VALUE = $591.00
Your Investment Today Just $97.00 USD
What Our Sessions Look Like...
SNS Fat Blaster - HIIT 1 Hour
This session is designed to get the fat melting off your body. Mixing interval training with fun and exciting circuits that will keep your heart rate up and your motivation high. These sessions cater to all fitness levels and our mission is to take any woman no matter where they are starting from and turn them into a fat burning machine.
SNS Tone & Sculpt - Upper Body & Arms 1 Hour
This session is perfect for achieving lean and toned muscles and increasing your overall strength. By having more lean muscle you burn more fat while you are at rest therefore making the tone and sculpt shape even easier to achieve.

It also means that you are going to be able today goodbye to those sagging arms for good & achieve your weight loss or strength goals quicker and maintain them long term. We have put together a great mix of upper body strength exercise designed to get specifically to get women in the best shape possible.
SNS Lean & Mean - Boxing 1 Hour
Boxing is one of the best forms of cardio because it focuses on short bursts of intensity where your body has to adapt to what you are putting it through therefore it has to burn more energy (calories and fat) to cope. Not to mention it’s awesome fun and a fantastic stress reliever.

Nothing makes you feel better than punching something as hard as you can letting go of all your stress and frustration and getting away with it. This is one of the most empowering sessions for women that gives them the confidence and strength to defend themselves while they fight off all that unwanted fat!
SNS Cut to The Core - Abs, Core & Cardio 1 Hour
This session is designed to focus on building your core and postural muscles, melt unwanted fat off your mid-section to guarantee you get the most out of your normal exercises and ensure your body is in the correct positions and activating the right muscles to give you the greatest benefit.

This session has been created from the ground up to get rid of those love handles tighten up those after child birth muscles, re-activate your pelvic floor and get that tiny waste back that looks so good in all your favourite outfits.
SNS Booty Buster - Lower Body 1 Hour
This session is at the top of the list for most of our ladies. We developed this session to target the booty specifically!

With specific exercises that focus on firing up your booty and get that nice round shape so many women crave, while making sure those skinny jeans or tight fitting leggings stay in your wardrobe forever! We believe that to be sexy is to be curvy and this session is going to help you build back and create that bootylicious shape.
SNS The Makeover - Whole Body Circuit 1 Hour
This is what it sounds like, we take all the benefits from all our different types of sessions and put them all together in a action packed
session of fun and motivation.

We are able to cater to any womens fitness level and ability as the sessions will have something for everyone strengths and weaknesses. If you want to pay your debt from Friday night or even better get some brownie points up your sleeve before the rest of the weekend, this is the perfect way to do it!!

We call it "The Makeover" as this session is the key ingredient when combined with your workouts during the week to give you the total body makeover you are after!
That’s right… Just for registering for the 28 day buddy challenge and turning up to our grand opening day and orientation on Saturday the 8th of JulyYou will be in the running to win a full 12 month unlimited membership at our brand new Tempe location that we will draw on the day! 

Plus if you and your buddy win 1st prize in the 28 day buddy challenge by achieving the overall greatest transformation…You will both receive an unlimited 12-month membership to Strong N Sexy Tempe…worth over $4000 each!! 
Where Are We Located?
Strong N Sexy Fitness Tempe
8154 S Priest Drive, Suite 102
Tempe, AZ 85428

Phone: (480) 582 0280
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Just $97.00 USD
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